Teens not immune from criminal charges

On Behalf of | Jan 8, 2019 | Criminal Law

Being a teenager is not easy. The pressure to fit in can lead one into activities that can turn into serious legal problems. A pair of New York teenagers face charges for car theft in connection with multiple instances of stolen vehicles in the Buffalo area. The two are ages 18 and 15 and are facing criminal charges.

The two are believed to have been involved in a string of auto thefts dating back to October of last year. The teens allegedly look for cars that the drivers have left running while they run into a shop or other location. In a recent incident, the two are believed to have stolen a car with an infant in the back seat. A woman had pulled up to a liquor store and gotten out of the car, leaving it running with the keys in the ignition and her baby in the back seat. The teens allegedly got in the car and drove off.

The baby was brought to the Niagara Falls Medical Center by the 18-year-old suspect who claimed he had found the baby, in a baby seat and with a diaper bag, on the side of I-90 near Grand Island. According to a police report, the teens were not aware that there was a child in the car when it was taken. The 15-year-old was driving and allegedly pulled over and fled upon realizing the child was there. The hospital called the police as they were suspicious of the teen’s story. The baby was identified as the child missing in Buffalo.

Teenagers can sometimes feel invincible, even immortal, believing nothing can happen to them. Sadly, the truth is far different. A teen facing criminal charges in what may have been thought a stunt gone wrong in New York may feel like his world is ending and that he or she is far from invincible or immortal. A knowledgeable criminal attorney can help the young person to understand one’s rights in the situation. A lawyer can protect the teen’s rights and advise him of the legal options that are available.