Understanding Railroad Laws And Your Rights

Whether you are in an office setting or working with heavy machinery, the possibility of sustaining an injury while carrying out your duties are always present. Some industries pose more of a significant risk to the safety of those employed within them than others, and unfortunately, the railroad industry is one of the more dangerous ones. Under the Federal Employers Liability Act (FELA), railroad employees are entitled to certain measures of protection when they are injured on the job, as defined by the United States Codes starting with 45 U.S.C Section 51.

The law itself is a separate course of action from sickness benefits or disability claims and does not guarantee full liability. To be compensated, it requires that those who are injured prove that their work environments were unsafe, that they were inadequately trained or other ways the railroad company did not meet safety standards. Under 45 U.S.C Section 51, a railroad worker must prove that the rail carrier was negligent in failing to provide a reasonably safe workplace, and that their negligence was, in part, a cause of the injury. Two other laws also provide protections for workers injured due to unsafe rail cars and unsafe locomotives. These are The Safety Appliance Act (49 U.S.C Section 20301) and the Locomotive Inspection Act (49 U.S.C Section 20701).

If you believe that your work injuries were a direct result of the violations of these U.S. Codes, reach out to one of the knowledgeable attorneys at Godwin Hurley Donoghue, LLP, by calling 716-267-6258 today.

Do Not Sign Until You Talk To An Attorney

Any injury, no matter how small, may turn out to have significant ramifications for your future. If you have been injured while working in the railroad industry, we encourage you to contact one of our experienced FELA lawyers immediately after seeking medical attention to discuss the circumstances surrounding your injury.

As soon as your company is notified of your injury, they will want you to fill out an injury report and may request a signed statement. These procedures can potentially have a negative impact on your future claims. Facts that may seem insignificant at the time you fill out your report and statement could end up being crucial to proving your claim at a later date. Before you provide your railway company with a signed statement about your injury, consult an experienced FELA lawyer at our law firm in Buffalo, New York.

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As we tell our clients who are trying to decide if they should hire us: If you want to run a locomotive, you get an engineer; if you want to switch cars, you get a conductor; if you want to lay tracks, get a trackman; but if you want someone to protect your rights in a railroad injury case, you hire an experienced FELA attorney. Godwin Hurley Donoghue, LLP, has the right people to do the job you need. Call 716-267-6258 today to set up an initial consultation free of charge or send us your questions about railroad laws using the online contact form located on our site.