What You Need To Know About Railroad Benefits

In addition to assisting you with your FELA claim, we will also assist you in obtaining sick benefits and/or disability benefits through the Railroad Retirement Board.

Once you’ve been injured or become ill due to your job, receiving the benefits you need to make up for lost wages, or to pay your medical bills, is more important than ever. If you are working for a rail carrier, here are a few things you need to know about your railroad retirement disability benefits:

  • You are not eligible for workers’ compensation benefits
  • You are not eligible to receive Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits

  • You are covered through the Railroad Retirement Board (RRB) instead

  • The RRB offers two types of disability programs based on your length of service

Since every case is unique to your individual circumstances, it’s advisable that you consult an attorney to better understand your benefits and options. Reach out to Godwin Hurley Donoghue, LLP, at 716-267-6258 to see how one of our lawyers can guide you through your claim today.

What Are My Options And How Do I Qualify?

Unlike Social Security, RRB offers railroad employees two kinds of disability programs. The type of disability you qualify for is mainly contingent on your years of service in the railroad industry and can be broken down into these basic facts:

  • Total and permanent disability — Eligible with at least 5 years of service; disability or injury prevents employee from all work; requirements/claim process is similar to SSD

  • Occupational disability — Eligibility requires 20 years of service; disability or injury prevents employee from carrying out current job; not required to prove total disability

While this may give you a general idea of the two types of programs, it’s best to discuss with an attorney to learn more about the details and to see how we can help you determine your eligibility.

Will A Lawyer Help My Chances Of Receiving Benefits?

Our attorneys have a thorough knowledge of how railroad employment laws and disability benefits work. This background lets us provide clients with the necessary resources, tools and assistance to file their claims correctly.

When you have been ill or injured because of your job, the last thing you want is to be denied benefits. Call 716-267-6258 and an attorney at Godwin Hurley Donoghue, LLP, will help you get started on your claim today. You can also send us questions or request a free consultation at our Buffalo, New York, office using our online contact form.