Building Strong Defenses For Those Faced With Drug Offenses

It’s no surprise that like most other states, New York has strict and extensive drug offense laws. Penalties can range from a few nights of restless sleep in jail to several years behind the bars of a prison cell. Depending on the amount in possession and the intent behind it, you may also be hit with a hefty fine. More importantly, whether it’s your first offense or third, any conviction that involves selling an illegal substance results in a felony classification. This is why it’s so crucial for you to speak to an attorney immediately after an arrest or charge has been made. Let Godwin Hurley Donoghue, LLP, help you build your defense today, call 716-267-6258 to learn more about our legal services and the options available to you.

Serious Charges Need Immediate Attention

Because the laws regarding drug use, cultivation, possession and distribution are so complex and the degree of punishment can vary from case to case, you should never attempt to navigate criminal charges on your own. Seek legal help and seek it at once if you find yourself in the following situations and more:

  • You have been arrested on possession charges

  • You are accused of possession with intent to redistribute

  • You are accused of possession with the intent to traffic

  • You allegedly possess certain compounds associated with drug manufacturing

Our skilled lawyers have the background and knowledge to advise you in these matters, as well as defend and advocate for your rights.

Our Small Law Firm Puts Your Interests First

Regardless of the specifics of your circumstance, the attorneys at Godwin Hurley Donoghue, LLP, have your best interest at the forefront of their minds and will always strive for the most favorable results. Use our online form to request a consultation with us or call our Buffalo office at 716-267-6258 today.