Advocates For Your Relief After An Auto Accident

Thousands of people every year suffer motor vehicle crashes as drivers, passengers or pedestrians. These crashes often leave victims with excruciating pain, medical bills and costly vehicle repairs.

If you are injured in an auto crash, you can work with our experienced attorneys to protect your interests. The lawyers at Godwin Hurley Donoghue, LLP, have diligently advised crash victims for almost two decades.

What To Do After A Car Crash

Properly approaching the aftermath with your lawyer is crucial. Our Buffalo law firm is here to help.

The recommended steps to take after a collision are as follows:

1.) Contact the police to document the incident.

2.) Get appropriate medical treatment immediately.

3.) Do not sign agreements, admit fault or provide statements to an insurance adjuster without first consulting your attorney.

4.) Complete an accident report.

5.) Call your insurance company, preferably after speaking with us so that your provider can address bills related to the crash.

6.) Retain a lawyer who can guide you through this often time-consuming and confusing process.

7.) Our attorneys will investigate your case, which may involve recording statements, taking photographs and possibly calling for expert testimony. We have a proven track record of getting clients the maximum value for their case.

Can I Sue The Other Driver?

New York’s no-fault law allows injured drivers and/or passengers to receive compensation in the form of lost wages and medical costs for the body part injured in the crash. However, to bring a lawsuit against the driver of the other vehicle, or the driver of the vehicle you were in, you need to prove that the driver was negligent to sue them for damages directly. Note that motorcyclists follow special rules.

In addition, you must also have a serious injury, which includes:

  • A fracture
  • Disfigurement
  • Loss or dysfunction of a limb, organ or other body part
  • A temporary, but serious or life-altering, injury or disability
  • Fatality
  • You are unable to perform substantially all of your normal activities for 90 consecutive days within the first 180 days of the crash.

We know that your resulting injuries can cause the financial burden of medical expenses and lost income. We passionately represent the victims of auto crashes, crashes with large trucks and motorcycle collisions.

Act Fast To Seek Compensation

You will need to report the crash to your insurance carrier within 30 days to make a claim for no-fault coverage. How you fill out insurance forms can significantly impact the ultimate value of your case.

Schedule a post-accident consultation as early as possible through our website or by calling our firm at 716-267-6258. We can assist you with fighting for the maximum compensation and benefits you deserve.