Compassionate Representation For Victims Of Dog Attacks

Dog attacks are a common occurrence that can involve people of all ages. From children to the elderly, these attacks can leave lasting physical and emotional scars. At Godwin Hurley Donoghue, LLP, we recognize that dog bite injuries are not a joke and that in some instances, they can lead to fatality. Talk to us if you or a loved one has experienced the following:

  • Injuries to the face, eyes, head or neck

  • Serious scarring or disfigurement

  • Trauma or PTSD syndrome

  • Puncture wounds from bites

  • Fractures or broken bones

  • Death or dismemberment

Our compassionate attorneys want you to know that you can and should be fairly compensated for any pain or suffering you have endured as a result of such injuries. Contact us at 800-716-910 to discuss your options and how we can assist you in recovering damages today.

Prevent Attacks When Possible By Taking Precautions

While animal attacks are not always preventable, there are precautions you can take to keep yourself and your family safe from an aggressive dog. When out and about with your family in your neighborhood or at a park that dogs and their owners frequent, take these simple measures:

  • Keep an eye on children when strange or large dogs are around.

  • Don’t approach or allow your children to approach strange dogs.

  • Do your best to read the animal’s body language for cues of distress or aggression.

  • Do not make sudden movements toward or around an aggressive dog.

Teach your children the warning signs of a potentially dangerous situation, and if attacked, report the incident at once, seek medical attention for your injuries and call us.

Take Action For Your Injuries Today

If a dog attack has left you or a loved one with serious injuries, discomfort or disfigurement and numerous medical bills, don’t wait to seek out legal actions. Our lawyers understand personal injuries and what our clients have been through. We look at each case individually and treat our clients’ situation uniquely to achieve the most favorable outcome. We invite you to call our Buffalo, New York, office today at 716-267-6258 to schedule your initial free consultation or send an inquiry via our online form.