Distracted driving can contribute to motor vehicle accidents

On Behalf of | Apr 3, 2019 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

When an American teen reaches the age of 16 he or she can take a test and legally be able to drive in New York. Having that right obliges one to follow the laws that are established to protect oneself, others in or near the roadway and property. Failure to obey these laws can result in serious motor vehicle accidents.

On a Saturday afternoon in Brooklyn a 63-year-old woman was in her car going about her business. She entered an intersection and was struck by a car that was driven by a 19-year-old. The older woman suffered severe upper body injuries. She was transported to an area hospital where she died as a result of the severity of her injuries.

It has not yet been determined if distracted driving played a part in the accident, but distracted driving is a serious issue with younger and older drivers alike. While anyone is susceptible to distracted driving, it can be a serious issue with younger drivers. Texting and driving is illegal but even the brief interruption of glancing at an incoming text can cause enough distraction to potentially cause an accident. The cause of this particular accident is still under investigation and the younger driver remained at the scene following the crash.

Losing a loved one as the result of motor vehicle accidents is a shock. The family and loved ones left behind in New York may struggle to come to terms with the reality of what has occurred. Though legal options may be far from a family’s mind, a civil lawsuit against the party deemed responsible may provide compensation for medical expenses, final costs and other verifiable losses.