What common injuries do New York construction workers suffer

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Working construction can be a financially rewarding career, especially since there always seems to be some building, renovating or demolition going on somewhere in New York at all times. With the prospect of a good job comes the reality that it is also a dangerous job.

Nearly everything at a construction site could cause you injury. Accidents happen far too often, even when employers and employees alike make safety a priority. You may feel as though it is not a matter of “if” you suffer an injury, but “when” you suffer an injury. Even so, it doesn’t keep you from showing up to work.

What injuries are most common?

Regardless of whether you work in construction here in New York or anywhere else in the country, the following represent the most common injuries suffered by construction workers regardless of the type of accident that caused them:

  • Knee injuries often occur due to repeatedly bending down or heavy lifting.
  • Muscle strains result from repetitive motion and heavy lifting involves.
  • Back injuries can occur due to a fall or some other acute and traumatic event, or they can happen due to repetitive movements and heavy lifting.
  • Hearing loss can occur because construction sites are often loud places.
  • Head injuries can happen even if you wear the proper protective gear for your head.
  • Respiratory conditions are common among construction workers due to inhaling dust, chemicals and other toxic substances.
  • Eye injuries can happen if you fail to wear the appropriate eye protection, which can cause you to go blind or even lose an eye.
  • Heat exhaustion or heat strokes are common in hot weather.
  • Crushing injuries happen when buildings or trenches collapse. Suffocation and broken bones also often result from these circumstances.
  • Burns can result from explosions, fires or exposure to chemicals. This type of injury could take quite some time to heal.

Making safety a priority will protect you to a certain extent, but nothing can completely eliminate the dangers you face while working at a construction site. For this reason, it is important for you to understand your legal rights and options when it comes to workers’ compensation. Your recovery could take some time, and you don’t need the added stress and frustration of wondering how to pay your medical and personal bills.