Staying safe out on Buffalo’s roads this winter

On Behalf of | Nov 15, 2018 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Whether it’s been something you’ve been looking forward to or dreading, the winter weather season has begun here in Buffalo. While drivers in this area are no strangers to snow, ice and cold, this can be a very good time of the year for everyone to go over winter weather driving safety tips.

Safety reminders can be helpful to even the most experienced of winter drivers. And safety is such an important thing to keep in the forefront during the winter weather season, given the major challenges snowy and icy conditions can pose out on the roads.

Examples of safety steps that drivers can take as they prepare for this year’s winter season include:

  • Checking the tread on their tires
  • Getting new tires if the tread is worn down
  • Packing an emergency kit for one’s car to use in the event of a winter breakdown or accident (blankets and jumper cables are a couple key things to include in such a kit)
  • Remembering to watch one’s speed and stay distraction free when out driving in winter weather conditions

Unfortunately, particularly at the front end of winter, the drivers around you may not always act as cautiously as they should in poor weather conditions. So, when winter weather strikes, it can also be important to be watchful, drive defensively and give other drivers plenty of space.

When individuals are hurt in winter weather motor vehicle crashes, what legal steps they take next can matter a great deal. Skilled personal injury attorneys can answer questions people injured in such crashes have on what they should do in the wake of the accident.